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Originally Posted by drmatera View Post
really? you honestly think lots of down force and big wings make a car go faster top end
Originally Posted by drmatera View Post
. I would love to hear your theory on this. Better yet i'm sure every auto manufacturer in the world would love to hear it as they most be going in the wrong direction in their quest for "low drag" vehicles for better fuel economy (for cutting thru the air more efficiently) and using less fuel (because it takes less power to push a "low drag" vehicle down the road). Nascar would love to remove their wings for better top end but the "drag" that holds them down around the corners is a neccesay evil so they sacrifice the top end speed for stability in the turns. And Top fuel dragsters use wings to push the car down and keep traction which slows them down aerodynamically. The fastest cars at the salt flats are shapped like bullets with as little downforce as possible to reach those high speeds...

I am all ears
I never said they did..In fact all I did was respond to a comment you made:
a top speed run would not be good for a car with lots of downforce bodywork. Eddie's sleek narrowbody with shaved drip rails and 997 headlights has much less frontal area.

Its somewhat of an incomplete point. What is the true meaning of your comment? Will Blackbird be unable to achieve a top speed greater than Bellos due to its body panels? Will the panels limit the car to a specific top speed? If so, what is that speed and it be lower than the 964? How are you coming to this conclusion? Thats all I'm really talking about, not a debate over the science of aerodynamics. Remember, these are not salt flat cars. They both need a combination of areo and downforce for stability as you even state yourself. While aerodynamics are important you are making it seem like that is the only factor in the race and I simply disagree with that. Maybe when Gabe gets the Blackbird sorted we will find out.
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