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Ok, from what I can get, Everybody has been "MOSTLY" polite up until a few nasty comments.

Gabe only said
"Regardless, we are just starting to pick up on the power and potential that the speed shop guys were making 30 years ago at the factory."

pkracer is the first jackass who contributes the steaming pile of insight

"935's are just 930's with fiberglass fenders, big turbos, big tires, and an aluminum roll cage...nothing too special. Kremer put a couple on the street back in the day. it was only tabu in the states."

Maybe you should go hang out in a muscle car forum

Gabe fires back (albeit letting personal opinions shine through a bit)

"Let's just say they started to show the potential that only now is being celebrated today. Most things that are being done today are based on what the factory already did and while fast modern cars are cool, they are definitely not as ground breaking as some would lead to in order to sell overpriced products to people without the supporting mods. I don't like people that take advantage of others by price gouging just because they can, based on a flimsy reputation. How you treat others says alot about you and the work you do, and like I said before, The drag run looked cool but by no means impresses me, neither does the car, motor or anything else about it."

Ok, so what he said is his opinion. Its not unusual to see 1000+ HP forced induction imports nowadays, so its not the "Oh my god, lets all worship at its feet" attitude, So what? Gabe is awestruck by the original trendsetter, the 935. SO WHAT?

The 78SC joins the fray with this nugget of ASSumption:

"I take it nothing impresses you but your own car,which by the way looks like a couple of other 935 race cars out there."

NOT ONCE did he say his car was better than Eddies, he was just not super impressed by a modified street car. That's not a sin, he just likes the factory racers who were groundbreaking and legendary. SO WHAT???? Thats like being mad someone ignored your 88' turbo because it was parked next to a 917K. Get over it man, he just likes the extreme racers better.

After that it all spirals into a festival of as.sholes.

its not worth it guys
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