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you almost got it, but not quite.... Think of this... the further out from the center you have the weight, the more effort it is going to take to make that weight change direction quickly. So, in long sweeping corners (say the autobahn), once the car settles, it will be happy with the weight far out in front of center of gravity.... but if you are an auto-crosser or road course racer, you are going to want to get the weight as close to the center of the car as possible. If you have the battery weight a little behind the front wheels, but closer to the center, instead of way out in front of it, you will have a car that flicks from left to right better.

think of having a heavy weight on the end of a stick. Say a sledge hammer. Try swinging that hammer from the end of the handle, left to right quickly. Kind of a hard thing to do... Now grab that hammer mid handle and do the same. Much easier. Still the same weight, but closer the the center. Now try to think of having 2 of the same hammers taped together, weights out at the poles.... even though the stick is perfectly balanced 50/50 on each end, it's still going to take a lot of effort to get that stick to change direction... Now if you start moving the weights inward, the stick will be easier to swing back in forth. The closer you bring weight into the center, the better the car will handle. IMO, having the battery a couple inches higher, but over a foot inward and 3 feet to the right is a good compromise.

I know that you are getting all bent up about the rear engine of the 911, but there are a lot of other things that can balance out the nature of this beast out. i.e. spring rates, ride height, sway bar size and rate, wheel size etc....

Point of the argument is to get the most weight as possible as close to the true center as possible (in both height, front to rear and left to right) Then work on balancing the handling out with the other examples given.

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