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I have 2 for the 911 (many more in my teenage years when I was the bully):

1st - Teenager and his girlfriend in a STI/WRX that I could tell had some work done to it with the BOV popping between shifts, etc., comes next to me on the highway. He starts to 'vrrrr mmmm', vrrrr mmmm', you know the sound of giving it gas and then letting off hovering right next to me. So, I let him taunt me probably 3 different times until there was a break in the traffic. I slowly eased the G-50 into 3rd gear and easily let the clutch out putting me at about 4500 PRM, the sweet spot where my turbo has no lag and then stomped it! I blew past him with just a show of force.

I let off, slowed for him, and he slowly caught back up and wouldn't even look over after that. I laughed pretty hard inside.

2nd - 2 sportbikes heading down the highway come up to me and start to play around. One was a dedicated drag bike that had and extended swing arm and a huge slick while the other was a brand new 600 Honda with the loudest exhaust you've ever heard! When he was hovering around me, he was killing my ears since I had the windows down! I got annoyed with the sound and decided I wanted to race him out of the blue. I clearly thought I would lose but thought what the hell. So, I give the nod and drop into third like the story above. Boost hits a bar, the kid leans on the gas tank to give it all he has, and we're off. I couldn't believe it but I was pulling him slowly. Then, I shifted to 4th and continued on with pulling him ever so slightly until he was about 5-10 ft behind my rear bumper. I decided to let off at 140MPH, I didn't want to be acting stupid.
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