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I was out on a "maiden voyage" after getting my 87'.

Well at home, me and my old man were putting around with her, checkin her out, changin the oil etc. Well, I put all the recommended fluid levels in, and my dad was off in the shop doin' something else. Well I go to put away the tools, and he walks by and didnt realize I put oil in already, so he adds a bunch more!
We put all the stuff away not realizing she is now WAAAAYYYY overfilled. Well, I go out for a short little freeway run, kinda "around the block" out where I live......

I get a Dodge Neon SRT4 behind me wanting to play, its totally "riced" big fart can and huge pointless wing, big strobe lights, under carriage lights, bass system, the big loud BOV venting out the hood etc. So this gangster wannabe kid pulls up along side me with his hoochie in the car. She is checkin me out, lookin at the car etc.....

Then he starts with the BOV bursts. WRRRRR PSSSSHHHHH WRRRRR PSSSSHHHHHHHH. So I let him do this a bit, and then I hammer it. I blow past him like he was in reverse.

Satisfied I take the exit to loop back to my place on the back roads. He pulls up at the light, and we have a few minutes to talk (long light, late at night). He gets REALLY pissed when his girl asks if I ever go to a certain club, and that she would like to see me there, etc etc.
He starts goin on and on how they are on the way to an import show, and how he is entering his car, and it has so many awards blah blah blah. I tell him I am doing some shakedown runs on the car. He wants to go again, who am i to disappoint? So again I waste him, now he is tailgating me, like just a few feet off my bumper. I just want to get home, so I REALLY drop the hammer. And then I look in my rearview to see a huge CLOUD of raw Oil blasting from my car. Apparently all the oil under boost was spewing out! I have worked on old air cooled cessna's, and if you give em too much they just puke it out on the belly, so I was not too concerned. all her vitals were ok and she sounded fine. He pulls off into a gas station, whole show car covered in oil and junk.

I guess my old girl had to put in HER 2 cents eh?

Oh, and the car was just fine after a long long bath and a refill to proper levels There was a inch deep pool at the opening of the Air cleaner housing, and it got in EVERYTHING!!!! even "misted" all over the back of the car, it was horrible. kinda like cleaning up your apartment after your psycho GF got hammered on Jaegermeister and threw up in your stereo. Thats kinda how I think of my 930.

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