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Jacob That was not my photo.


The correct plug tower for #1 is determined by where the distributer was set in place and what the rotor tip position is. You can't just throw a dart you have to know and there is only one way to know.

At this point I am assuming you have not removed the distributor from engine
at any point in this process. If not we are good to go.

Remove #1 spark plug. Put a ratchet and socket on the nut in the center of the crankshaft pully. Stick your finger as far as you can down the opening in the head where you took #1 plug out and leave it there.

Now rotate the crank pully clockwise untill you feel a puff of air come out of the spark plug hole and stop turning the crank as soon as you feel the puff of air.
This may take nearly 2 complete rotations of the crank. When you feel the puff of air and stop turning the crank you are very near Top Dead Center on the compression stroke of the #1 piston.

If you now look at the top front face of the crank pully you should be able to see some small marks or notches at 12 oclock on the face of the crank pully.There will be one that is longer than the rest or is marked Z1. Now straight above that mark or Z1 you should see a similar mark just above the crank pully on the bottom front edge of the cooling fan cage. By rocking your ratchet you should be able to match these 2 marks up. one above the other. You are now at exact Top Dead Center.

Now pull the cap off the distributor, Look at the rotor position, take a magic marker and put a mark on the outside of the distributor case where the tip of the rotor is pointing.

Put the distributor cap back on making sure you rotate the cap untill it drops into the notch on the rim of the distriburor case. Now find the mark you put on the outside of the distributor case when located where the tip of the rotor was pointing. Nearly directley above that mark there should be a plug tower. That is number one.

This is the only way possible to positively identify plug tower #1. Now from there start pluging in wires in a counter clockwise direction according to the fireing
order. ( I'm betting it starts now)

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