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Originally Posted by mark houghton View Post
Great writeup Spuggy. Lots of food for thought.
Thanks. I was intending to sort out CIS (my AFRs start to get a little worrying over 5,000) and get the Safeguard into more aggressive mode before writing it up, but the topic kept coming up...

I don't know either who's saying that air cooled engines are too noisy...I'm just repeating the sentiments of other people who may or may not have any first hand experience. That's where your comments hold their own weight.
There's the rub. There's a list of statements that basically seem to amount to "I heard" - with little or no attribution and no date. Those could relate back to attempts back in the day with stone-age electronics, for all we know. Or devices that just didn't work. Once you approach those statements with a desire for actual facts, they just kind of crumble away and you're left with nothing. IMO.

There are professional tuners, racers & individuals (some even on this forum) who tried this before me - on air-cooled motors yet - and had good results. I wasn't a trailblazer on this.

I run a lot of advance (12 at idle and about 36 degrees total advance in the absence of boost). All that excess timing makes a real noticeable difference in the mid range power delivery, and the MSD Boost Retard shaves it all off progressively to where I'm back close to stock max timing (28 degrees) before full boost is reached. That's for detonation control, but individual cylinder knock control would be an added safety margin. That's just one more thing I have yet to play with. Good positive testimony is important.
Heh. I'm running 34 degrees total advance @ 4,000 and pulling back to factory RoW timing (28 degrees) at full boost. I consider this quite conservative, as knock retard is almost never in the picture (just the very specific circumstances I've noted before). I figure the factory left some (if not quite a lot) on the table for safety - without knock sensing, that'd be appropriate for a production car. Agree that it makes a huge difference in the way the car drives, especially low-end throttle response and part boost.

Once I sort out the fueling, I'd like to make the Safeguard work a little harder for a living and see how much difference that makes to performance. I think it should be significant.
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