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Awaiting my connection @ Philly, was hopin to dump pics off my cam but can't find my reader - damn.

Others are just arriving home, will make it home in the weewee hours tonight, or are departing in the morning.

That aside and with hopes for smooth travels for ^them^... thus far the final tally:

- 2 popped boost hoses... Petey
- 1 sticking accelerator... Petey... my fault during tryin to put the smack down on Frankie
- 1 curled fender inner edge / tire shave-age... Frankie
- 1 chipped windshield... Paul R
- 1 PigrichPig sent to Time Out to wear the Dunce Cap in the corner today... Justin... so fast it doesn't run
- 1 free trackday FTW... Justin... legend
- 6 plugs afouled but successfully sorted... John
- 27 moons shot... Assorted... lined up @ Justin WOT down the front straight from the balcony was *beyond hilarity*
- 7.5 hours of sleep in last 2daze... me (including my nap on the GT3 trailer @ VIR)
- 935 bierz 'n cocktails consumed... cumulative, All
- 0 tittybars frequented... all... we were busy clubin' and laughin
- 1 lost wallet... Udo
- 1 Kittykat face... Anonymous... for now
- 1 aborted hogin' 3some... Anonymous
- 2 spins... Anonymous... for now... let's just say it was *cough*those w/ sanctioned roadrace experience*cough*

Considering the JNR debauchery & outlandish shenanigans just outlayed over the past 3daze, the fact that we all came out unscathed as such is outright _mind_boggling_.

Cars 'n driving aside... to see yous MF'ers again and to meet so many more of you and get to hang/laugh/party all f'n weekend... >>>EPIC<<<.

Beyond belief, as always. If going to the 'next one' is even remotely possible... you're really doing yourself an enormous disservice by not partaking. Simply the funniest most fun coolest quality awesome buncha doods you could imagine / hope for (queues I LOVE YOU GUYS). Really. My sides hurt and voice is gone from laughin my nads off all weekend.

I land @ midnight 'n work in the morning - that's gonna be 'fun'. I'll get pics up stat - I took a bazillion
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