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Good advice

Originally Posted by mark houghton View Post
That is an important clue. You also stated that the pumps will run with the ignition in the ON position and the metering plate switch it should. But in order to keep the car running you have to manually depress the metering arm (thus adding fuel). Does the arm move freely (stupid question, but had to be asked).

Something fuel delivery related, probably. Sounds like it's time for a CIS pressure testing gauge (join the club, as Jesper just did!). Can't diagnose without information. I feel like a broken record....encouraging folks to buy the guage setup, but it's such an important part of tuning and/or troubleshooting these cars.

To answer your question, "System" fuel pressure should be in the neighborhood of 6.2 - 6.5 bar (in that area, + as my memory says without going to look it up). Also check that your cold control pressure isn't too high, not allowing a rich enough mixture to keep her running when cold. Hopefully your worse case scenario is a faulty WUR...but you won't know until you test it.

Rookie here, so beware. The best advice I can give you, is do what he says -Listen

If I was to take a wild guess, your control pressure is too high.

Rookie (me) I know, but you'll find out once you get the CIS tester.

I got a suggestion. (Feel free to tell him not to, if you think it is just too stupid).

Turn on the ignition and unplug the green safety wire to make the pumps run. If you have the air filter on push down gently on the CO adjuster (The one that affects the metering plate when adjusting). If you don't just push down ever so gently and very brief on the metering plate. If you have pressure in the system, don't unplug the green plug. Just push a little on the plate

Now go and crank the car. Once it "stumbles" to life, be ready with the throttle, easy know or you'll flood it. If your fault is the same as mine. This would make your car run.

9Dreizig did this when he had some problems with his WUR. That's where I got the idea
Digital WUR

Hope it helps you

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