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Originally Posted by 911jettat View Post
I’d be happy if the curve was called “the Dude”; I had my fun there last year, this years’ award goes to %(#$*%!,…who will it be next year? I would suggest a new route down the mountain if Gabe comes out to play!!

PaulK – huge thanks to you for helping me look for my wallet…and piecing together that wacky evening. “Where the %*$# is Hoch Lane?” Next year stop me when a hostess comes over to us selling $3 shots…did I really need to buy 10 shots at 3 in the morning?! Just trying to keep pace with the rest of you animals. Paul, stop hording your pictures!

Darin – you, Dean, PaulK and I had the wackiest car conversation I’ve had in the longest time?! How often do a bunch of Porsche guys talk about cars called: Javelin, Gremlin, Syclone, Typhoon, etc. Good times! Please move back up to NC!
HOARdin schmoardin - life's reabsorbed my arse here in a sch!tstorm tidal wave... Disney, then DISNEY takes it's price compressing back into reality. Yay.


lol... _H_O_K_E_!!!! I forgot about that.

Wacky car convo? Three words:


some shots - tough to beat the *MoneyShot* Udo f'n captured tho of the fog over VIR/930s. I got a _great one_ of the fog... no cars FTL:

Fri night - Schpeedwerks:

Dean's like watching a cyborg ninja flailing wrenches:

Dr. Frankenstein in a 'beater:

1:10am's not too late to turn wrenches:

seein the 2 yellowbird's together again makes you feel all warm 'n tingly inside. Seein Andy's "Summer Parts" motor fer 'Ole Yeller did not... sum'er HERE sum'er THERE. Oy:

KG/Jacob... we'll rendezvouses our heaps before winter hibernation, fersure. I'll bomb down to youses.

KG, UDAMAN on the accumulator... beyond cool of you my friend. May Jack Pour Eternal To You.

KJ... you wild 'n crazy nutster - I hope your travels back West are going lively and eventful. Fullfilling, no doubt! I'm honored to have pressed ham w/ the best of you/Gabe. Now I know why Darin's glasses are tinted - Justin, Pete, & I better consider investing in a set?

Udo... I smeared some DNA on 'that curve' too - as the MerryGoRound vid goes *ROUND*, just off camera I've got Petey with his hoop in permaknot as Yellow's 1/2opposite-lock'd thru. Part of Pete's perma-installed in the pass seat of the '77. Tho, I keep ducking lately... keep hearing imaginary Tire Howl over my left shoulder.

We should bust a bottle of champagne over the guardrail there next year?

lol @ watching the line thru 'there' - in the MerryGoRound vid you can see me jutt hard left before entry - 930's version of the Scandanavian Flick?


ps. damn Frankie - beat me to Petey and ohso much better put... WHOA before GO, dumb@$$!!! That Just Ain't Right...
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