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Originally Posted by 1SIK930 View Post
Well, the AAR is stuck open. I took the hose off the I/C and plugged the hose and the nipple off the I/C with my fingers and the idle dropped back to normal. So for now, I've got a plug on the I/C nipple and a cork in the end of the hose, until I can get another AAR valve next week. It seems to drive just fine without it. It shouldn't hurt anything, right? What is the function of the AAR valve anyway?
I think you've already answerd this question. It's to increase idle speed for a cold engine by allowing some unmetered air to enter the intake.

You should be able to reach inside the AAR with a screwdriver and move (rotate)the disc inside. It will be under spring tension. If you can get it to move at all, then it's not stuck. Three possibilities for failure: the internal bi-metalic spring is broken (that spring heats up and slowly closes the AAR as it warms up) or the internal heating element is shot....or you've lost power to the heating element. Before you plunk down big bucks for a new AAR, take yours and put it in a warm oven (150 degrees or so) to see if the window/disc inside closes. Or, apply 12V from an isolated source (a spare battery) and see if it closes in that fashion. Engine heat is not enough to get that thing to close must have power to it at all times and the heating element must be working or it will open back up and cause the high idle.

Or, just live without it as many have done. You'll have to keep your foot on the gas for the first 1/2 minute or so on a cold start to keep the rpms up is all.
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