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Originally Posted by EmptyGarage View Post
Holly Crap! pictures like that scare me! They are like the crazy crap that you looked at when you first got Internet. You soon learn that there are some things you just don't what to see.

It does bring a question to mind. Did the driver of that car notice any strange noise or rough running from the engine or was that some catastrophic event that happen without warning?

Also does engine knock in these cars sound the same as my old dodge? Clunking and clatter sound when I put the gas to the motor going uphill? Or should one be listening for more subtle knock on acceleration?
The driver of the car with the fine 2-piece cylinder was attempting to "fine tune" the engine himself. Under full boost. On city streets. With traffic around.
Don't try this at home, kids!
The expense of renting the dyno for 1-2 hours and paying a professional tuner for his time would have been about 1/30th the cost of the consequent rebuild.

The melted cylinder + head + piston was the result of the vehicle owner's friend "re-tuning the engine for more boost". As if 670hp wasn't enough?!? The friend with "lots of Motec experience" just added a bunch of timing and added fuel across the board while driving it on the street. No dyno testing, though there are 2 chassis dynos in the city.
This same "friend" didn't help pay for the consequent rebuild.

Knock can sound like a light clunking and clattering, yes. When it's really bad, it makes the same frequency chiming sound as when you strike the heads' cooling fins with something.
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