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One thing we all have to remember about, almost all, of these mods we seem to think are the best way to go is that they are just someone else's opinion. Now, if you dynoed your motor then addad a single mod and dynoed again with the same dyno, operater, and conditions you can look on paper and see if there was or was not improvement. At $200 an hour for dyno time most of us default to the seat of the pants dyno, if it feels faster or more responsive it must be.

When it comes to BOV's I have my own opinion and that's all it is, so take it for what it's worth. The stock 930 engine compartment is a cluster f--- of crap that makes it difficult to see, let alone service, most components and I think anything you can do to improve access without sacrificing performance or reliability is a good thing.

When it comes to the BOV, replacing the original large recirculation assy. and replacing it with a smaller and more flexable to install aftermarket BOV will slightly reduce weight, unclutter the engine compartment some, and will help the intake track recharge a little faster. Other than that there is no real advantages to replacing the original recirculation assy. Typically the BOV changes happen when an aftermarket long neck IC is installed as the BOV update is part of that installation.

I happen to be a real 934/935 fan and in my build I have added 934 headers and turbo, short gear 4 speed, and relocated the fuel distributor to the right rear corner of the engine compartment ala 934. I did this because I believe there are significant advantages to shortening the intake track of the 930 and that is why they did it on the 934.

Below is a picture of a 930 engine clearly showing the intake track. This stock intake track has a total volume in excess of 350 cubic inches. That 350 cubic inches has to be recharged each time you transition from closed TB to boost.

I believe that significantly increases turbo spool lag.

This is what I am replacing the original intake track with, it has a volume of
26 cubic inches. That is aprox. 94% less volume you have to fill.

I happen to think it will make a significant difference.

ALSO !!!! Never plumb a CIS 930 Bov so it exhausts to atmosphere as it will cause fluttering of the metering plate.

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