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Now that is the kind of indignate arrogance that I expect of you Keith Yes I have an issue with you personally because of that, you need to get over yourself. And no your pricing doesn't meet the pricing I had previously discussed with other individuals and your attitude sir is what is offensive I have wheels and don't need yours my issue with you is your attitude when I wished to purchase something else and your response was my car wasn't worthy of your effort.

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Good grief, I take 4 months off of the forums to relocate and upgrade the business and come back to all this! Sheesh.

Varyat, and whomever else it may concern, any of our clients is free to ask for and receive a full refund during the order period, at any time. This has always been the case. In fact, if you'd like to let me know who/which order you are, we can discuss it over the phone and get you squared away, refund or otherwise.

Also, we quote and have quoted average delivery times at the time of order - myself and my service writer are very clear that this is a custom, made-to-order product that is subject to the manufacturer's and finisher's job schedules. However much you and I'd like it to be otherwise, it simply won't be until this economy changes and these small manufacturer and service businesses are in better shape.

Likewise, without an abundance of un-alotted working capital, companies larger than we are would have a difficult time putting enough inventory in place on site to create same-day order fulfillment. With 27 variations of this product (that I can think of off the top of my head), a significant amount of product must be stocked to provide the retail model everyone would like to see.

Which is another point altogether - we aren't a retail company in the Pelican sense of the word - we are a build shop that has put our talents and our shoulders into providing products that aren't out there for our internal use and for the benefit of other enthusiasts. It constantly suprises me how much vinegar comes from folks who we have no interaction with because we are not cheap, nor quick with product development and cannot provide same-day retail service on our custom wheel product.

Gsmith is a great example of this - he has an axe to grind with our company, and myself apparently, because our product is not as inexpensive as he'd like it to be. It doesn't matter that there is a real-world cost to developing, producing, marketing and delivering a small-volume product that determines it real cost - it is simply offensive that it doesn't match his pricing preference. (While you are at it, I'd also like to know what jobs we've 'screwed the pooch' on?)

As to the fellow that had to wait 2 months (?!?) on a steering wheel and hub purchase - I would like to speak to you personally, as that is not the way we do business, particularly on inventory items. If there were extenuating circumstances, then you should have been informed up front at time of order/purchase that there would be a delay.

I welcome any suggestions/constructive criticism about our business, and always have. I rarely get it, although a few folks have been kind enough to call me personally when they want to discuss something.

And again, just to avoid confusion for anyone who may be considering our wheel product - until we have made a transition to on-site inventory of the product, this will continue to be a custom, made-to-order, specifically-to-order product and is subject to the schedules of very specialized manufacturing subs. We do and will continue to guarantee a quality product at time of delivery that lives up to expectations.

By the way, you guys should come see our new facility (which is where I have been, and what I have been totally involved in for the past 4 months) if you are ever in our area - it has been a major effort, but we expect that it we be good for all aspects of our business as we get settled in to our new surroundings. We welcome and encourage informal visits any time.
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