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Originally Posted by IMONBOOST View Post
Well, I would love the turbo 3.6 to be a factory low 12 second car but I am pretty sure it is not. In any case, maybe a turbo 3.6 S and still that was probably after 100 launches and treating the car like is not yours. That said, I do believe the turbo 3.6 should be an easy mid 13 stock and low 13 with a very good launch.

In my case, I have only visited the drag strip two times in my life and done a total of 4 passes.
2 passes on the 965
1 pass on a Ferrari 308
1 pass on a 911 Carrera 3.0

So I am a non experienced person on the drag strip. Like I said in the opening thread, not my thing. road course, that I do have experience, but thats another story.

In the end, I did find out that I have a bad fuel pump and I was running 10 psi. I just closed my manual boost controller to be at factory spec but seems like it just does not work that way. I set the car back to 14psi which is what I usually run at, factory is suposed to be more like 13 psi. Regardless, at the spec that I raced that night, on my way to the track I raced against my uncles mini cooper s with 265whp from 60mph to 140mph and I pulled him like 30 cars. Not the best comparison but at least a reference.
The problem with the 964 turbo is it is an awful car to launch and is not a drag racer. I tried many times to get decent runs in my car and found that no matter what I did i was dead slow from 0-20mph. Took nearly 2 seconds or more each time unless i was willing to dump the clutch which I wasn't interested in doing. Yet the car did a 0-60 time of 4.8 seconds So it took only 2.8 seconds to go from 20 to 60. My 928 GTS will do a 1/4 mile in 13.5 seconds at 104 mph all day long but that is as fast as that car will go and the turbo just walks away from it from 60 on up. This is where these cars shine.

I have run my 3.6T following 993TT's with some modifications and 996TT's, from 40 MPH it will gain on them without issue and pass them if there was enough road. So the cars are not slow just not an easy car to launch.

I finally gave up and modified the exhaust for less back pressure and although I have not tested it since, it is far faster than it was when I was using the G-tech getting the 0-20 times of 2+ seconds.
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