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I admit I had a negative attitude about water injection at first because I installed an Edelbrock water injection kit that used a small controller and generic low pressure windsheild washer pump on a BMW 2002 back in '79 and it didn't work very well.
Mostly because I was too cheap to buy distilled water for it and mineral deposits from the tap water I was using clogged the nozzle every week.

Well, all this talk about state of the art WMI and the fact I always liked the idea of water injection to squelch detonation and steam clean the combustion chambers finally got to me.
I got the "deluxe stage one" kit from Coolingmist Water Injection, alcohol injection and Methanol Injection systems that goes for $239 with the 200psi pump and no controller plus the optional water tank level float switch.

Instead of a controller it uses an adjustable boost switch similar to a hobbs switch that turns on the pump at the boost pressure you set it at. I have it turn the pump on at .8 bar and it works perfectly with no stumbling, misfiring, or bogging down the motor so I don't need the controller.
John at cooling mist prefers the the check valve with built in sintered brass water filter that cracks open at 20psi to the stainless steel solenoid valve because it is more reliable in his experience and there is less to go wrong.

I remounted the working windsheild washer pump over on the left side of the battery and installed the WMI pump where the washer pump was and plumbed it into a cleaned out origonal 2.1 gallon washer tank that is less than a foot away. The line from the pump going to the nozzle runs along side between the battery and fuel tank and then behind the fuse panel and then into the car through a factory wire hole above the left side heater blower fan and then down along the left side of the floor next to the longitudinal under the carpet along with factory wire harnesses.

The whole thing works great and I'm very pleased with it.
I have an origonal porsche fog light switch in the dash to turn it on, a blue light that comes on when the pump is on, and a 12 volt red led that blinks if the water level gets down to the bottom.

It works good with just water and they don't sell washer fluid with methanol antifreeze here in south florida so I called around and found the best price of $10.36/gallon or $38.18 for 5 gallons of pure methanol at Glue Products Plus - (800) 771-1863 which is less than a mile away from me.
Port Consolidated, Inc. in West Palm sells it too for a buck more. They also sell leaded and unleaded racing fuels and ethanol free street gasoline.

I mounted the water filter and check valve on the upper left side of the air cleaner housing so I could get at it to clean the water filter without removing the intercooler or air cleaner. You push in the little metal ring on the ends of the quick release swivel fittings and the 1/4" nyon line will pull out. Or just uncrew the swivel fitting with hose attached.
You can buy the 1/4" nylon line at most hardware stores by the foot for alot less than a WMI dealer. It's the same tubing they use in refrigerators with ice cube makers and cold water dispensers.

Anyway, here's a few pics and so far I'm using tap water mixed with the methanol.
The air cleaner is unbolted and moved back and over a little so you can see the nozzle in the intercooler pipe above the throttle body. I put 8mm fuel line around the nylon line in places where it could rub on things.

and 5 gallons of methanol.
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