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Thanks Cole, you're a good dude.
If it wasn't for you and your posts on the subject I wouldn't have gotten inspired to do this again.

I have the static idle timing on my car set to around 10 -12 degrees before top dead center which will advance to around 35 degrees btdc at around 3500rpms with no boost. Motor runs with alot more pep like that.

Also have MSD 6AL with MSD 8762 boost retard module like you used to have with the timing retard knob in the car on top of the auto heat box between the seats.
The stock '87 distributor, vacuum pot, and it's vacuum lines are all there and working so it retards timing from 35btdc back to around 18 degrees btdc under boost with the 8762 set to start retarding at 5psi and the retard knob straight up at 12 o-clock.

I have a manual ball and spring adjustable boost valve going to the wastegate and I'm currently running 1.05 bar or halfway betwen 1.1 and 1.2 bar for max boost from a KKK built K27 7006 turbo that does not leak or spray any oil mist into the intercooler. Stays totally dry in the charge pipe and intercooler.

I can adjust the boost higher or twist the 8762 retard knob counterclockwise to advance timing under boost but I'm a little afraid to because my motor has stock dilivar head studs in it and I hear they may lift and rattle on the cylinders with more than 1.1 bar boost. I guess I could torque the head stud nuts a little tighter and hope for the best but havn't gone there yet. I have some ARP head studs but they are not in the motor... yet.

Right now I have a mix of about 60% water to 40% methanol in the washer tank. The methanol should also keep slime from growing on the inside the washer tank.
I like how you fill the origonal washer water tank from under the gas flap door.

I cut the bottom of a used techron bottle off and keep it in the trunk to use as a small funnel to fill the water tank.
The origonal seperate small washer tank up next to the brake fluid reservoir is also there and working. I use that for the window washer more often now to save methanol.
The origoanl washer pump is still hooked up to the big washer tank and works so I can also spray the windsheild with water/methanol fwiw. Or the headlights since that pump is still there and hooked up too.
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