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Originally Posted by philip j View Post
snow stage 2 kit today. I'm hoping to use existing wiper tank for my reservoir. If I cut a tee in before the washer pump, to feed meth pump, this should work? Any comments/ideas. thanks Philip
Tee-ing into the windsheild washer line will not flow near enough water for the WMI pump. Those pumps don't like it if the water feed line to them is restricted.

Drill a hole in the bottom of the washer tank at the lowest point and install a fitting for the line there.
Then run a dedicated line from it to the pump. Cooling mist kits come with a quick release fitting just for that or the nickel plated brass QR fittings with 1/8 npt threads and teflon seal on the threads are about $6 from cooling mist.
They suggest drilling and tapping the plastic tanks and screwing in a fitting.
I didn't use it and instead used a 90 degree 5/16 brass fuel line fitting I had.

I drilled the hole in the bottom of the tank below the fill cap and put the brass fitting in the hole and threaded a brass nut onto it from inside the tank using a 15" long 1/4" drive extension with a socket on it.
I put some masking tape in the socket to hold the nut in it while reaching it down in there with a small flashlight at the same time to see the threads of the fitting.
It worked.

I could take more pics of the way I did that if you want.
I also installed a 90 degree 1/4" brass fitting on the bottom and ran a piece of clear pvc hose from it up the left side and then over the top and tee'd into the origonal vent line hose going from the washer tank cap up to the where you pour in the water to fill the tank.
I put that there because I can see the water level in the tank by looking at it.

I also put the methanol compatable float switch from cooling mist in the bottom of the tank. It turns on a blinking red led when the water level gets down around the last inch in the bottom.
water alcohol methanol injection low level switch | eBay

I studied all the suppliers of these WMI kits websites and they all use the same pumps, QR fittings, and nozzles. They all have their own progressive controllers though.

This is the good adjustable 200 psi WMI pump most of them use. Water alcohol Methanol Injection pump 200 PSI NR!!! | eBay
There is a cheaper 150 psi WMI pump available too but this one is much better for several reasons.
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