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Thats a lotta oil... and it's dirty. Looks like your motor is due for an oil change.

The oil gets blown into and through the intercooler in a mist with the air going through it so it will be everywhere downstream of the turbo compressor housing.
You will have to rinse out your Garretson long neck intercooler with about a gallon of mineral spirits to rinse it out.
Turn the intercooler upside down in a big tray, plug as many hoses with wadded up paper towels and pour in most of a gallon of mineral spirits and slosh it around and back and forth through the core. Then repeat with more clean mineral spirits because there is alot of oil in there and one rinse won't get it all out.

Then put the intercooler out in the hot sun to evaporate the remaining solvent. I like to put the intercooler upside down in a bathtub or set tub full of hot water and detergent after the solvent rinse to really clean it out good.
Then install it while still wet with water inside the core and just drive it for a while to dry the water out.

An oil coated intercooler core doesn't work well to cool off the hot air from the turbo. I don't consider any oil in the charge pipe or intercooler "normal". I have an old K27 7006 on my motor and the charge pipe and intercooler stays totally clean and dry of any oil film.

The brown staining on the WUR may be from a fuel leak.

Your air filter is a large K&N cone filter and it is dirty bit not real bad. I don't think thats causing any problems. Most likely your turbo is junk from what you've said and all the oil it's blowing.

Never seen a green o-ring on the throttle body before. They are usually a red color. Hopefully it's the right thickness and not leaking.

Describing the cam as a "mild cam" doesn't define anything. You have to find out whats actually in there. SC and 964 cams are the most popular upgrades when running CIS injection.

If your's has the black painted cast iron euro fuel head it will deliver around 10% more fuel during boost and high rpms over a stock '86 -'89 930 lambda fuel head.

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