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another ARF / adj WUR thread - need some thoughts

I recently installed an adj WUR from Brian, and am experiencing some AFR funkiness I'd like to run by youses all.


Stock '87, save for RL8 dual-out hooligan, Garretson shortneck, K&N tall/round filter, and 0.84 bar via EBC. Mustang said 286/320rwhp, with AFR's nice in the 11's until 5k then hitting 12.5 and rising quick.

Pressure test revealed surprising #'s for my OE WUR @ 50k - everything except a slightly high CP was spot-on (and no cold-start issues at all). Accumulator's been shot since I got the car, it's now on the to-do list. New plugs / cap 'n rotor / think wires might have 15k on 'em.

Installed WBo2, the car was running great but @ 10.4-10.5 idle AFR.

Fast fwd to last week - installed new adj WUR which was sent for a 375rwhp tune, and idle AFR read 10.6 or so. Dialed the idle mixture down to 13 or so and it ran like crap - smelled like crap ('dry'), sounded like crap (much more pop's on decel), and didn't run that great - and cruise AFR's were hitting 16's+ for the mile or so I tried that.

Put idle AFR back to 10.6 or so. Cruise AFR's are a nice 15ish. On boost they're in the 11's. Again it's running great - but - AFR's after 5500 are 12.5 and rising quickly.


It's been suggested look for vacuum leaks - I'd pretty recently sprayed brake clean around all those bits and found nada tho.

Any insight here would be hugely appreciated - as alwayz. I'm befuzzled (not hard).

Do I need to dial down my warm pressure on the WUR then adj my idle AFR accordingly?

TIA gentz (coughFAIRMANcough)...

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