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Sure, I'll take that trade! I think I know where I can get my hands on a couple of 1.7s, and I could use that spare 2.0... Oh, you mean the other way around, huh?

BTW, just about anyone who says "XX mods will give you YY horsepower" is talking out their a**. Most especially me!! An engine is a system, and all of the parts of the system will affect the rest of it. And the power curve is the product of the system as a whole. A great cam, nicely-flowing heads, and a top-notch induction system can still give you crappy power if you have little tiny valves and a nasty restrictive exhaust... And there are a lot of little things that can give you some power here and there, or cost you if they are not done or are done wrong. There are so many variables that it's really hard to do anything but hand-wave about power numbers.

Except, of course, when you have already built the engine and ran it on a dyno--then you can say "This engine built with these parts and those techniques gave me that kind of power." And if you've kept careful notes about exactly what you did, you ought to be able to reproduce those results. Usually.

But changing one thing can have unexpectedly large results (for good or bad) sometimes. As Raby has said on other forums, "It's all in the combination!"

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