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getting rid of the engine mounted oil cooler... How I did it...

So, I needed a Cam Position Sensor (CPS) in order to run sequential fuel injection on my car. In order to do that, I needed the 4,5,6 cam, as the other already had the scavenge pump attatched, and at the time I started my build, Clewett was not making the aftermarket scavenge pump/ CPS combo. So, I had to get rid of the engine mounted oil cooler, and as I lunched my engine, if I wanted to keep it, I was going to have to buy a new one anyways. ( I dont trust ultrasonic cleaning.... not as expensive as these engines are!)

So, I liked the idea of adding the 993 oil filter console and gaining not only the room to install the CPS, but the addition of an extra oil filter. I was able to aquire a 993 oil filter console in trade for my used engine mounted oil cooler. Now, in taking out the engine mounted oil cooler, it was advised by me that it was a must to add a second, fender mounted oil cooler up front. The search was on. DonE had very good success with a pair of Fluidyne oil coolers. I went to the Fluidyne website and looked around. With the demensions that I had to play with, I found a model they had would work. ( It might be different in other cars, as I have a custom Carbon Fiber GT-2 front bumper). I found the oil cooler about the same price at different vendors, but Summitt Racing also carried the cooler, and they had them in stock. Since we have a retail Summitt Racing store just South of Atlanta, I wanted to put my hands on one of the coolers before buying them. I drove up to the Summitt store, and placed my order for two of the coolers, -12 SS Braided line, fittings, and two oil cooler fans. Once I had the parts in my hands, I was amazed at the quality of the Fluidyne Oil Coolers! They were a work of art, and I hated that they would be in a place that they could not be seen.

The Fluidyne Oil Coolers have -12 inlets and outlets, and a 1/2" NPT port for a sensor, etc. They fit perfectly in the space right behind the headlight bucket and are about as large as I could fit in there, and still have room for fittings, etc. I also looked for fans, and since I was at Summitt Racing, all they had in stock was a company called Derale. That company had a fan that would match my needs. An 8" fan, that was reversable, and flowed 500CFM. It fit on the cooler about as good as you could ask for without having a shroud. If you need to reverse the flow on these fans, you dont just switch the ground and power wires. On these, you actually unbolt the fan from the shaft, flip the fan, and bolt it back on. This makes the fan blades work as they were designed to, and you get the true CFM rating wether they are reversed or not. I wanted the fans bolted to the back of the oil coolers (tire side), but I did not have the clearance to run them there, as the tires would hit the fan anymore than a half radius turn. The fans were mounted to the front of the oil coolers, and ran in a pusher configuration. I hooked one of the fans up to a 12v battery, and WOW, they really put out some serious air! My ECU will turn these fans on or off, depending on a preset value.

Now, running the 993 Oil Filter Console presents another problem: the Aluminum pipe that is part of the engine mounted oil cooler, and supplies the engine with oil from the oil tank via the "s" hose is now gone. I located a solution at Smart Camber/ Jerry Woods Enterprises. They have a Aluminum fitting that bolts to the case, and turns into a -16 fitting. They also have a pipe that screws onto the -16 fitting and ends right where the stock Aluminum pipe did on the oil cooler. The problem is, is that these two parts alone are close to $250.00, which at this point, I did not want to spend. A good friend of mine, who is way smarter than I at the machining or parts, came up with an idea. He has a Gorton milling machine which also has a tracer attached. We mounted the engine mounted oil cooler to the table of the milling machine and began the setup to attempt to reproduce the portion that includes the oil supply tube. As you can see from the pictures, my friend really came through. The parts look awesome!!! At the time of these pictures, we still had a little finishing work to do on them.

If you go with the 993 oil filter console, you will need to modify your existing engine cooling shroud, or purchase one that does not have the duct for the oil cooler. I chose to modify my existing one. I took a cut off wheel and cut the raised portion out of the shroud. I then took a small piece of shet metal, cut and formed it, and rivited it to the bottom side of the shroud. Kinda like the stock piece of sheet metal that is already there, I just added to it. I then used a little body filler to smooth out and blend the upper portion of the shroud, painted it, and then waxed it. You will also have to fabricate up a small piece of Aluminum to block off the airflow along the side of cyl #6. I cut a pattern out of a 12 pack of Coke-Cola box, and used that to get my final shape.

I posted this for one reason, for others who are contempating this, to show what is involved. DonE stated that with the dual Fluidyne oil coolers, he hardly ever saw oil temps above 100C and that was in the middle of Atlanta traffic in the middle of the hot GA summer. If you do not have EFI, or an ECU to control fan turn on or off, you will also need to source a fan controller, which are out there and not too much money.

Here is a parts breakdown and the prices as of May, 2011:

(2) Fluidyne Oil Coolers Part # DB-30417 $299.00 each
(2) Derale Brand Oil Cooler fans Part #16508 $79.99 each
(15) feet of Russell brand -12 SS Braided hose $110.00
(4) various AN fittings (90deg, 45deg, straight) $100.00
(1) 993 facoty oil cooler console part # 993.107.205.0r

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