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Bless your heart Marty. You'll never know how very much I appreciate this.

I've never been your normal plain Jane car enthusiast. I've always like cars and going fast but never had a favorite until I saw my first real 930 in 1976 and that was it. At that time I was dirt ass poor with a wife and 3 young daughters. I worked in a Grey iron foundry during the day and went to school at nite to get my degree.

I always liked Porsches but accepted the fact that I would probably never own one. Every nite I would drive through the Porsche dealers lot on my way home from school to slobber on the cars. That's when I saw my first 930 and it really did change my life.

The 930 became my incentive to keep going, and I knew no matter what I had to do I was going to own one. August 2 of 1988 I found the Sled, It was exactly what I wanted, 78-84 ROW car, and it had to be White. Total Cost $14,000 and to this day I will live in it before I would sell it.

Interestingly, the 930 was what kept me going when I was younger, and needed a kick in the ass, and now it has saved me again.

In 2006-7 I had just finished designing and building my lovely wife a new house, although I had started a redo on the Sled and it was in 1000 pieces. I put the Sled resto on hold to do the house. I finally had the Sled in it's new private quarters and was getting ready to reassemble when I collapsed with a massive heart attack. I went through the whole EMS racing to the Hospital, heart stop, jump start thing, and woke up after having had a triple bypass.

Anyway, I finally got started putting the Sled back toghther and was diagnosed with Cancer, they nicknamed me Lucky.
I went through a few surgeries and healed up pretty well and finally got back to the Sled but afer a year the cancer came back and I was told I had 6 months to live. I told my wife I refused to die before I got to drive the Sled again so I went to Mayo Clinic and had 5-6 more surgeries and I volenteered for a new experimental Chemo trial that was my last chance at driving the damn car again.

Well this new Chemo treatment makes the direct injestion of Drano look mild and I had to do 3 treatments a month for six months which brings me to a conclusion of this long boring saga.

One nite after Chemo I was sitting exactly where I am now, it was 3AM and I was Joneson bad from the chemo. I had a bowel of broth, Dr. required nourshment, I had a bucket on the floor between my legs to puke in, my nose was bleeding and I had to pack it to keep it from dripping blood into my soup, the sores in my mouth hurt so bad I could hardly take a sip , and my hair kept falling in it. For the first time ever I was really feeling like I was loosing the battle. I got up and walked out to the Sled room and sat down on a stack of wheels and just looked at that damn car. Well the Sled and I made an agreement that if I hung in there she would prove to me she was worth the struggle. I made it through the nite, things got easier, I've been clean for 2 years, and and the Sled and I are going for a drive soon.

I'm a real late nite person and every nite, just before I go up to bed, I flip on the light and open the door just to take a look at the Sled.

So when I tell you I appreciate what you are doing for me it is heart felt sincerity from both of us.

Cole - 80 930 "The Old Sled"
Mods: TurboKraft Custom IC, 934 Headers, GSX 61, Zork, Port Work, SC Cams, Air Mod Fuel Dist Relocated, Water Meth Injection, BL WUR, MSD 6530, Greddy EBC, Synapse Bov, Short 2nd & 3rd with 8:37 R&P, Wevo Shifter, Coupling, and Mounts, MTX-L SSI-4, Big Brakes, Rebel Coilovers, Bilstein Sports.

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