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Iíve seen the results of many professional mechanics doing what you plan. They got it wrong, the wheel rubbed and bye-bye good turbo.

Follow these steps and you should be OK:

Place the turbo on a bench with the compressor inlet facing up. Tape up compressor, oil inlet and outlet openings. Mark the alignment of the turbine housing to the center housing

On most turbos the turbine housing, bearing housing joint is very corroded and will resist your efforts. Start by liberal use of penetrating oil. Give it overnight to work. Loosen all the bolts, back them off maybe 1/16, do not remove them and the clamp plates right now.

Using your left hand (if right handed) grasp the outer diameter of the compressor housing and lift the entire unit about 1Ē off the table. At the same time use a steel ball-peen hammer and tap the turbine housing all round its diameter. If you are effective you will see the two housings begin to separate. Take your time. Once the turbine has retracted to the 1/16Ē clearance, loosen the bolts more and repeat. If you are successful you will know when to move the turbine housing close to the bench to remove the bolt/clamps. Fully lift the turbo from its turbine housing.

Now prep for reassembly is where 99% get it wrong. You need to remove all the corrosion from the turbo center housing pilot diameter and itís mating pilot in the turbine housing. You will know when you are ready to reassemble when you can replace the center housing in the turbine housing and fully rotate it in the turbine housing pilot. A die grinder with wire brush is the best for this cleaning of the diameters and pilot.

Use Permatex high temp anti-seize (copper or silver stuff) liberally in the turbine pilot. Replace the center housing and set it to your alignment mark on the turbine housing. Replace the clamp plates and bolts. You donít need new. Use the same anti-seize on the bolts. You will be OK to use a common sense snugging on the bolts. Very few have the crowsfoot, extension and torque wrench for this and that is all just overkill anyway. After a week or two on the road this joint is corrosion locked again.

Turn the turbo over and give the turbine wheel a spin. If she spins freely you did well, if not you didnít follow these instructions.

Hope this helps.
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