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Originally Posted by mark houghton View Post
Sit tight until you get the gauge to check the control pressures. You at one point mentioned fuel smell....could be the result of raw unburned gas escaping the exhaust, or as RarlyL8 metiioned you may have a ruptured diaphram in the WUR. There should be a vent line that goes from the WUR to the airbox for just that purpose (to vent to atmosphere so the diaphram works correctly, and in the event of a rupture to vent the escaping gas to some place safe). Certainly your plugs may now be fouled from the rich running - whatever the cause - but cease and desist on spending any more time and $$ until you've checked the pressures.
Damn these cars, don't you just love 'em? If all else fails and your mood is about to go postal, just get the wife to crank on things and you'll feel better.
Yup, plan on sitting tight now. Now that you elaborated what Brian was talking about I believe it is a ruptured diaphragm. Just because the vent hose you speak of is over flowing with fuel. I'll wait and confirm with gauge test. I like to tinker with stuff so no biggie. Only issue I have is summer is so short here and had this happen in oct-nov I wouldn't be in such a hurry. I did tell the wife since last year the car barely got out of the garage I was gonna be doing more with it this year, but this isn't what I meant.
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