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Originally Posted by polizei View Post
1. Will extrude honing my intake manifold be beneficial even if I don't port the heads given that I'll be dyno tuning the car? How about porting the intake manifold? Is that different than extrude honing? I'd prefer not to tear down the entire top end for further upgrades.
You can skip the E-H and porting, not necessary at this level.
Fitting a larger throttle body is not only unnecessary, it's usually brain damage. Skip it.

Originally Posted by polizei View Post
2. I've heard of several TurboKraft builds that are running 964/993 twin knock sensors. I believe the stock 993 bridge is used on one of the cylinder banks. Can this bridge be installed w/o tearing down the engine? Or does it require that the cylinders be machined?
Stock 964/993 bridges, and updated 993 sensors. It requires removing the heads for machining.

Originally Posted by polizei View Post
3. What do you recommend in terms of the fuel system for my setup? Do I need to replace the stock fuel pressure regulator, fuel lines and fuel injector rails?
A single 993 GT2 (-044 fuel pump) will suffice for 500hp (~450rwhp), but 2 pumps in series ala 930 is better -- plenty of pressure and volume. We've made 600rwhp on 930 fuel systems with stock Carrera fuel rails and a Carrera fuel pressure regulator.
-044 pump adapters available from TurboKraft,

Originally Posted by polizei View Post
4. What else? I'm sure there's something I'm missing
500hp from a 3.3L is easy: headers, muffler, decent mid-size turbo, decent mid-size intercooler, mild cam upgrade, mild head work, EFI. If you don't make at least 450rwhp on pump gas, you're doing something wrong.
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