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Originally Posted by polizei View Post
Thanks for pitching in Chris. Out of curiosity, what trouble have you seen with fitting larger throttle bodies to 911s?
I have seen reduced acceleration at WOT on a 3.2L Carrera, plus the drivability wasn't as smooth. The theory is because this had a 3" throttle body grafted on, there were 2 issues:
- the progressive nature to the throttle linkage was gone -- the installer just made it work, no care about the first ~50% of pedal movement opening the throttle only ~25%
- manifold vacuum went away faster because every degree of throttle opening is allowing in more air than the system was tuned for. Maybe if the car had a programmable EFI system, it wouldn't do this, but the original Motronic didn't take it well.

Originally Posted by polizei View Post
I completed a rebuild about 5K miles ago, and it's shaping up that the only reason I'd need to break the engine down again is to machine the heads for knock sensors. Are there any alternate mounting positions for the sensors that don't require machining? Or is this a must-do in your mind?
Up to you. We now add the knock sensor boss to all heads standard unless requested to leave it off.
I have seen some people use one sensor on the throttle console stud, maybe with the J&S knock unit. I can't speak for how effective this is.

Originally Posted by polizei View Post
Wow! Good to know the Carrera fuel system is up for the task. Do you think that Bosch 55 lb injectors will flow enough fuel? I'll plan to source the pumps and adapters from you as I get closer to the conversion date.
The injectors should be large enough for your power goals.

Originally Posted by polizei View Post
I was planning to use my stock Carrera cams. I've heard several success stories from engine builders that have used these cams including Supertec and AMS. I believe the grind is identical to SC cams, and that it's the cam timing that is different. Do you have any concerns on using Carrera cams?
They're fine, too.
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