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Originally Posted by krasuskyp View Post

Got the POS back on the road Friday (headers / valve adj / accumulator / control pressure shim'd to 7.0 / Lambda delete). Running fantastic!

I had to dial my idle AFR to 11.1 or so (sometimes it's 11.0 sometimes it's 11.2) in order to achieve a max of 15.5 on off-throttle cruise (2,800 in 4th, no boost). Most of the time the slightest bit of throttle will see it more like 14.7-15.0.

Under boost it's great - again - until 5,600 or so. Climbs to 12.5, 6k sees 13.0.

Again, the car seems to run really really well - very happy idle, not too stinky, no off throttle / transition 'stuttering', etc.

I still have to test my flow rates - maybe I've got weak pump(s)? 55k tho, doubt that (they volt-tested fine). I also still have to hit a sniffer station to confirm my WBO2 readings.

Questions until then:

Is it OK to cruise @ 15.0-15.5 @ zero boost / throttle? Or should I dial my idle back to 10.7 to get <15's? I got 17mpg on my 300mi ride home from Mt. Washington Sunday, which included 'some' light cruising (traffic) but mostly 100-115 cruising w/ many WOT bursts to 125+. Not too shabby 8-).

Is it OK to see 12.5 for brief stints, and 13 for even briefererer stints? Meaning, I rarely track it and heck rarely see the need to shift past 5500 (still running 3LDZ hairdryer which wheezes beyond 5500).

But there are the few street occassions where I'm goosing it past someone or to put someone on their place (heh heh) where I'll hit 6k and quickly shift. The time spent @ 12.5-13 getting from 5500-6k isn't but a few seconds.

So, is that OK - or still huge no-no? I'm OK keeping it <5500 if so, but it'd be comforting to get your insight on the occassional dalliance beyond 8-).

Thanks guys. Knock wood tho, car's running fookin awesome - best in the 4yrs I've had it!

As to your AFR beyound 5500, 12.5 to 13 is in the stock range. With a stock setup , there is no real need to increase the fuelling in this upper range.

11 at iddle sounds a little fat while 15.5 on cruise seems a little high. World is made of compromise.

Sometime , instant reading of AFR gauge can fool you... curves and/ or average should be done in order to get better idea.
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