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I fought and fought and fought with the tie rods and removing them using pipe wrenches, cheater bars, crescent wrenches, tie rod wrenchl from Smart Racing that I bought from our host, standing on the damn cheater bars and putting all my body weight on the cheater bars...and budge..nada..I even heated the crap out of the tie rods..arghh!! By the end of it my T-shirt was drenched in sweat and I was riddled with frustration.

1+hours later still nothing..with being pissed off, in a last minute vain attempt I cracked out my angle grinder and put a fresh metal cutting wheel on it and then began some surgery... I cut the tie rod right at the point where it is mated to the rack, took a couple of minutes, my thinking was to use a drill and an easy (EZ Out) on the remaining threads into the rack and remove it that way..then to my surprise / shock after I cut the tie rod off the threaded section came off in my hand..sweet.

I then reassembled the new boots on the tie rods, hint on this, easy too that takes 1 minute...use two plastic bicycle tire irons to slip the outer part of the boot against the rubber bung and a tie wrap to keep it all in place and prevent air from getting under the boot, analogous to changing a tire on a bike really just smaller, better than using a screwdriver and risking damage to the new boot or it slipping and taking some skin and flesh out of your fingers or hands!.

Making progress!
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