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Originally Posted by Larswik View Post
Thanks guys! That gives me a better idea. I looked at the Buyers guide and was surprised in the 930 cabriolet section. It said 2009 the HI was $51K and the low was $38K. Then the next year it went to the HI only being on $37K and the low $27K. The HI dropped $14K in 1 year? it did say that this was the price for normal wear and tear cars.

I did read the Exceptions part and it did say that cars could be worth a lot less if poorly maintained. or worth more based on their 7K-9K mires a year rating. My car should have 192K miles and has 48K. I think I might be leaning at $39,9K. I will do a little more research before I decided.

Mom was a Porsche fan, I am a comfort fan. It has no power breaks, power steering, stiff clutch. Mom never said she didn't work enough before she passed. If I sell the house and the car and down size and live way under my means I can do more, stress less, work less and enjoy life

It always warms my heart when I hear of "moms" out there who had / have these things. She must have been a real hoot, sorry for your loss.

Yes, prices across the board dropped precipitously from '08-'09... have you noticed the current prolonged recession??? 8-)

Good luck w/ the sale, it's a gorgeous combo, low miles, appears in great condition and stock (save for the radio blank plate cover) - a great find for someone looking. Sometimes cab's go for less as folks shy away from their added complexity / cost of maintaining (top / mechanism). I'd put it out there tho for $42k and expect to settle ~ $39k - my gut 8-). Prices on these are still unfort somewhat softer than we'd prefer...

Counterpoint to having less / enjoying life more (sorry)... Carpe Diem baby... when the dirt's tossed over my box (or the match lit if I have my way, wifey's not keen)... the keys will probably be rigormortis'd into my fist with a Cheshire grin indellibly plastered across my face. We've all got our definitions, but to me living ain't living without LIVING 8-)...
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