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EBC Setup question

Hi guys,

Im a long time 930 owner in the UK, and long time watcher of this forum - but not an active poster - and not a mechanic..!

I have an 1981, 75k, which has just had a full engine rebuild following head stud snaps. The internals werent modified / strengthened.

I also have a Kokelyn IC, K27, Turbosmart-1 EBC and wastegate, plus Fabspeed headers and twin-out muffler.

I dont have access to a dyno / rolling road, and am having trouble setting up the Turbosmart EBC (I think). The road just disappears too fast !

On full boost, in second gear, at approx 3500rpm, I get the "dash in your face" fuel relays get cut out and everything stops - which from other posts I believe is the overboost sensor kicking in.

The EBC reports a max pressure of 16psi = 1.1 bar

So, job 1 is to test / replace the sensor I think.

However I have a question on the EBC setup. Does anyone run a Turbosmart?

The Turbosmart has "Set Points" 1, 2 and 3 - which at factory are set at something like .7bar, 1.02bar and 1.29bar.

On the default SP1, its set to .7 bar - so I thought thats as much boost as should be "allowed" - about 10psi?

The EBC also has an "overboost shutdown" setting, which it says must be set to a safe level at least .15 bar over the highest boost I want to produce.. Its set at 1.3bar / 18psi.

However ive put the EBC overboost setting up, down, and messed with the Set Points, but still get the "dash in the face" no matter what I set.

If I turn the EBC off completely, the car revs cleanly, but with little perceptible "kick in the pants".

Does anyone know the Turbosmart EBC?
Is it possible to set it up properly without a dyno?
Do you think the overboost sensor in the IC is stuffed or are my EBC settings just wrong?

Thanks guys!
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