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Your best bet is simply find a well sorted 3.3L actual 930 engine.

You can probably part out an existing 3.0L or 3.2L and get 3-4K towards a 78-79, or 86-89 3.3L. Stay away from gray-market engines, as they don't conform well conforming to get the car up to DOT spec's.

A common myth(myself included) was thinking there are so many "930..." part numbers on my 'regular' engine, this engine is basically a non-turbo 'turbo' motor. Dead-wrong, as it was just Porsche's parts numbering system.

A non-turbo engine(even from Porsche) is NOT designed from the factory for forced induction...that is why the 930 was so much more expensive(and rare) than the n/a version. That additional cost was not only the materials/parts, but the research and development for the car to run to be reliable, and have flexibility to be driven on the street. That 3.3L also has a nice bump in displacement(via stroke and piston size) to be driven without a giant hole in between boost/non-boost.
In terms of if you ever want to resell the car, it will have a much greater resale value with the real deal under that rear bonnet. Personally, as an engineer, I would not touch a 'project' car that has a 3.0 or 3.2 'turboed' motor(unless it where a rolling chassis sans engine)

The cost in time and effort comes out about the same just selling your existing motor, and go the route I suggested.

Not everyone will concur with this assesment to go the turbo route, but the opinion above if from personal experience, and my engineering 'judgement'

Good luck!
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