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Originally Posted by Tilikum Turbo View Post
Your best bet is simply find a well sorted 3.3L actual 930 engine.

You can probably part out an existing 3.0L or 3.2L and get 3-4K towards a 78-79, or 86-89 3.3L. Stay away from gray-market engines, as they don't conform well conforming to get the car up to DOT spec's.

A common myth(myself included) was thinking there are so many "930..." part numbers on my 'regular' engine, this engine is basically a non-turbo 'turbo' motor. Dead-wrong, as it was just Porsche's parts numbering system.

A non-turbo engine(even from Porsche) is NOT designed from the factory for forced induction...that is why the 930 was so much more expensive(and rare) than the n/a version. That additional cost was not only the materials/parts, but the research and development for the car to run to be reliable, and have flexibility to be driven on the street. That 3.3L also has a nice bump in displacement(via stroke and piston size) to be driven without a giant hole in between boost/non-boost.
In terms of if you ever want to resell the car, it will have a much greater resale value with the real deal under that rear bonnet. Personally, as an engineer, I would not touch a 'project' car that has a 3.0 or 3.2 'turboed' motor(unless it where a rolling chassis sans engine)

The cost in time and effort comes out about the same just selling your existing motor, and go the route I suggested.

Not everyone will concur with this assesment to go the turbo route, but the opinion above if from personal experience, and my engineering 'judgement'

Good luck!

I believe the 3.2 has the same exact crank and rods as the turbo, plus you also get the added benefit of EFI with the Carrera 3.2 motronic ECU. The main difference in the motors is the compression ratio. I just did this conversion on my rebuilt 3.2. I think that there are several ways to go about doing it, so I suggest doing your research first. In terms of drivability, a turboed 3.2 is a great combination with virtually zero lag and tons of power even at moderate boost levels. There are many guys on this forum that have put together some nice 3.2 turbo conversions....actually kinda inspired me.

Here's mine:

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