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I learned how to do cam timing by carefully reading Wayne's engine rebuild book instructions step by step while doing it. It's becomes easy once you've done it and you understand whats going on. You have to be sure the 1 and 4 intake valve clearances are as good as you can get them first.

The camshafts each rotate one full turn or 360 degrees for every 2 full rotations of the crankshaft or 720 degrees.

The measurment or dimension you're adjusting your cam timing for with the tip of the dial gauge set the right depth in the z block holder and located properly on the highest point of the top edge of the number 1 and 4 intake valve spring retainer is how high that intake valve has lifted off the valve seat at top dead center before the intake stroke starts.

The exhaust valve is closing at the same time and that is the moment of intake and exhaust valve overlap during TDC before the intake stroke.

It's confusing at first and then once you've done it it's relatively easy. Most inportant things are that number 1 and 4 intake valve clearances are set properly first and then proper timing chain tension is maintained while you're doing it.
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