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I may be in way over my head here but I'm going to add my thoughts, just remember, if you take my opinion and a couple bucks you can buy a cup of coffee and that's all I can assure you of.

When, any of us, first get bit by the bug we immediately get delusions of grandeur about building the Ultimate Porsche Weapon, and who wouldn't want that !!!! But always remember the old Hot Rod adage "Horsepower costs money, how fast do you want to go" The two most overlooked considerations when we get the bug are how is the car, realistically, going to be used and how much money do I have to work with.

We all pour over these threads and read of all the cool new s--- available and the projects everyone has going and our minds go nuts over all the things we would like to do with our cars. We run out and buy some cool new add on because someone said it was great and makes more power and then we find out it won’t work because I don’t have this and so I have to buy three more things to make the first one work without blowing my motor. It ends up like a snowball rolling down a steep hill the faster it goes the bigger it gets and at some point it is out of control. It’s no one’s fault but our own because we didn’t have a plan based on how the car would be used and how much money we had to work with.

Ruling out all out race cars as they are in a category all there own but for the typical maniacs here we are looking at two classes of builds. Those who have been fortunate enough to build whatever they want, (three that come to my weak mind are
Reaper, Tom 84930, and Motley 911) and those who have optimized what they had and did it right ( three that come to mind jwasbury, Eman, and fredmeister) I choose these 6 because they are familiar to all of us and there is great pictorial documentation on Tom84930 and jwasbury’s builds.

I am sure everyone knows I am Chris Carroll’s number one fan and I hold him in the highest regard as a person and as one of the very best Porsche Turbo authorities, period. If you look through the documentation thread on the build Chris did for Tom you will see that every single part used in the build was meticulously inspected, modified or replaced based on assuring ultimate performance, reliability, and compatibility of the build. The man planned before he started and followed his plan. And what can one say 870HP 930 Street Car.

I followed jwasbury’s “Jacob” build pretty closely because we were doing many of the same things at the same time. His preparation and attention to detail could be a lesson to all of us. An excellent example of how to work with what you have and do it correctly Jacob had a plan, everything was thought out and selected before he started, and the results speak for themselves.

I think if we all follow the planning leads of the above examples we would find we can more easily meet our expectations, save time and money, and create what fits how we are going to use the car.

I noticed your signature and the modifications you had listed as well as your saying you would be doing some track time. Your mods and mine are much the same and I noticed in particular you have SC cams. SC cams are going to be good to about 6000 rpm and that’s about it. This is not a negative as some might say. The torque curve on the 3.3 turbo starts dropping off about 5600 RPM and revving past 5600 just makes more noise and no more power. I never rev over 6000 RPM. The SC cams were made for that torque range and will give you good low end torque and strong mid range all the way to 5600.

I would suggest setting the cam timing on SC cams at 1.6mm and consider an ignition system change that allows you to program timing and boost retard. I use the MSD 6AL2 programmable. This controller allows you to program your own timing map as well as a boost retard map. The MSD is a good product and reasonable priced. With the ability to program you timing curves you will really see a difference in low end turbo lag.

You mentioned a final drive ratio change. I run a short track 4 speed and the final ratio is 8:37. That change has made the most significant performance difference of any mod I have ever done.

A good set of Brian’s headers and a Zork would be where to spend you money first. I would consider a small dia. primaries, maybe 1 5/8 in. If your turbo happens to be a K27 7200 it should work well with your set up and I would stick with it until I got the exhaust upgrades done. Get with Brian and let him give you some options. Everything he posted was right on, listen to him.

If your present IC isn’t a long neck you should consider a change to the later model long neck with a 964 style BOV set up would help lag quite a bit. If you do look at a new IC you want something with less thickness and as large a surface area as possible. This will give you the best cooling and efficiency with the least tendency for heat soak. My new TurboKraft IC is 3” x 24” x 12”.

Hope all this is of help to you.

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Mods: TurboKraft Custom IC, 934 Headers, GSX 61, Zork, Port Work, SC Cams, Air Mod Fuel Dist Relocated, Water Meth Injection, BL WUR, MSD 6530, Greddy EBC, Synapse Bov, Short 2nd & 3rd with 8:37 R&P, Wevo Shifter, Coupling, and Mounts, MTX-L SSI-4, Big Brakes, Rebel Coilovers, Bilstein Sports.

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