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Originally Posted by kilodawg View Post
While I appreciate the "special" nature of this car, one really needs to assess what premium the pre-production status adds to the value of an early turbo. The seller obviously feels it adds about $150,000 (to be generous to it's base value).

Now maybe in pristine condition at some future date you could expect a good chunk of that to be realized but 930 prices in general would need to rise from their current market values and be a lot better appreciated than they are today. At least that's my take.....

It does have me thinking though that tracking down an early 991 test mule might heap big rewards in 35 years....Funny how it works, really. I mean when the turbo first came out who would want a pre-production, magazine test car that was likely thoroughly thrashed verses a new production model? Yet somewhere down the road the pendulum swings back the other way....
I don't know it seems any rare Porsche from the late 80's back bring a premium lately. Having the provenance of being one of the first test cars of such an iconic auto as used on the cover of magazines with low mileage in relatively mint condition should separate this car from the rest of the 930's. how much that is worth is up to the person buying. Although i am sure if he put a price of $120k on it and it sold in 10 minutes he would be bummed for pricing it too low.

Ironically we find today that the mint green or rare colored 911 that sat on the showroom floor for 6 months to a year longer than any other 911's because of the color is now a rarity that demands a premium over the others. Sometimes a strange color can add 10-25% to a cars value if rare enough. I have seen 94 Turbo's in rare colors command up to $25k over a comparable car in black or red. It is strange how things work out.

I don't think you will get your hands on test mules as these cars are either kept by the factory or destroyed in either case most anything made today will not become a collectable car unlike these earlier cars which had such a great impact on the entire industry. I would venture to bet even the very rare 4.0 liter GT3 will hold its value no better than the 9 made MY 05 GT2's, which will never see what their buyers were hoping they would.
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