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The following is quote from the Monster Builder:

Hi Leonard.
I have reached 648hp with my CIS engines the system is verymodified and
so is the engine, to reach these figures so do i only sell a complete
engine modifikation, you send me your engine and i tear it apart and build it
up agian with the right combination, if you are interested, or have some
more questions please call me on 0046 8 7784949 so can i give you some more
information if you are interested.


Ok first of all so is the cis i use a stocksystem that is modified but
that is the hole secret the thing is to adapt the engine to the fuel system
not the way around that is what is normally to do, that is because if you
build the engine more fre flowed so will it peak around lets say 6000 to
7000rpm if you do that so will the fuel and flow curves not fit togheter, the
boost curve is not linear i boost 1,2 between 3500-5000 and then 1,0bar from
5000-5400rpm and then it sicks slowly at the higher rpms, i do not now
the freight costs but i can check if you are interested, the export price for
my 600hp+ CIS engine is 35000$ us and its totally rebuild i work with
every piece on the engine and its also dyno tuned so you get some figures as
well, nice talking to you.
My two cents for what it is worth:

He says he is making that power at a max boost of 1.2 bar and then tapers it off to stay within the gross fuel delivery limits.

With the cams he was runing back then he made peak TQ at 4500rpm. A more agressive cam would probably move that up further. I think C2 cams make peak TQ around 5200rpm on a 930 and GT2 EVO's at around 6000rpm.

I know where he gets his fuel distribuitor's built but I suspect he breaths on the fuel pumps, injectors, and WUR to get to that level and may even blueprint the metering pin travel.

I also suspect he gets more power from the the fuel available than any other builder and there in lies his 'magic'.

I belive peak TQ is where cylinder pressure is at it's highest and where each stroke is making its most power. When you move the TQ further up the RPM range you loose efficency as the power stroke is shortened and there is less time between events with less time to shed heat. You do gain HP as there are more power strokes. Move it down the RPM range and you can increase TQ potental.

Seems to be more of a high performance tractor motor than a race motor.

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