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Originally Posted by mark houghton View Post
So this morning (perfect conditions, about 56 degrees outside) during my morning commute, I did a couple tests. Second gear, steady 2000 rpms until I'm outa the city limits....radar detector on....I put the pedal to the metal. Hold it....hold it.....and full boost hit at about 3800 (hard to tell 'cause things happen awfully fast). Then repeated the test but in 3rd gear, starting at 2000. Peak boost achieved at about 3600. I may repeat this test this afternoon, but starting at 3000 rpms.

Again, this is with a 7006 and with 12 degrees static advance timing being trimmmed down progressively eventually back to stock settings as boost builds.

If I can convince the Old Guy to give me back my keys and if I can get my dead-ass motivated, I'll slap on the 7200 sitting on the shelf. Gotta order a couple gasket thingies first.

I do like the excitement of the 7006 'cause you're forced to run at higher rpms to get the performance, which makes you feel like you're driving a race car all the time (which isn't necessarily a good thing), so I'm really interested to see the difference between the two turbos.
Nice write up

Cams proabably would be your secret sauce waiting..
For me - I have Euro headers-no cat-..Quick spool is right there with a nice chill in the air..I have my car dialed in for top end..60mph to start and higher is my kill zone to boogie..I don't want my 1st&2nd gear to go bust.....Stop light to Stop light boost is just putting more stress on parts that I don't need..

The best part if some clown wants to challenge me, I don't entertain-street battles..Sometimes clowns-follow me on the hwy..Then...I just relax..cruz in 3rdgear or 4th--wait for right rpm to be in..Chk for open hwy..Then UNLEASH-..I usually get one of these looks after i shut it down...
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