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12 old Porsches from Dubai to USA

Should have been on reality tv with this long move. Nightmare began two months ago with a sudden decision that this old car nut was too old to get a new contracrt due to visa restrictions policies.

2 951s, 3 930s, 3 965s, 1 928, and 3 911s, escaping the desert near Dubai are landed in the US. 5 are stuck in customs in Charleston due to a random selection of container search. 2 more are parts in a container full of old parts and tools and personal junk waiting for a vacis in new york before being shipped by rail to Detroit.

Charleston, South Carolina has been my home for the past ten days trying to get someone to unload a container with 3 cars stacked on racks and two on the floor. Container sat several days while I searched for someone who could unload it. I explained the situation and one company accepted. The container waited there for a day and a half before they opened it and they freaked out. 4 days later it was unloaded by a crew that knew what they were doing and had an 11,000 pound forklift with 10 foot long blades.

Second container requires a bond and a broker who is sympathetic to my car disease and confused situation. He is trying to get things organized and God knows my organization hasn't made things easy for him. There is an 86 930 partially together in this container along with a very nice 965 originally bought in the US. The other three cars are very marginal in condition. 2 951s not running and a what was a beautiful black 83 928 with a bad engine and body damage done while at the shippers location in Dubai. ( Small black cars don't mix with 18 wheelers moving containers and scrap in a congested area.) Financially it makes no sense for the 951s but once I start a project, I like to finish it even if it may take 20 years. It might be a total of 30 years for a couple of these cars as I've had them for 10 years already.

Yeah, I am bad with computers and pictures, but if there is a Pelican head who can help me with downloading or uploading pictures here in Charleston, I'd be happy to share.

Come see my challenge.


Now, I've been in the port city of Charleston for about 10 days trying to get my cars out of customs to transport back to northern Michigan

I've declared everything that I could legally I take into the US, but my second container was randomly selected to have a search. The customs folks were actually very understanding of my situation and advised my to get a broker as a bond would be required, more money, but with my confused state, the broker wil really have to work hard. While I have official papers from the UAE, I don't have all the sales receipts for cars that I bought 5 or more years ago. ( In the UAE the old owner and the new ower have to go to the motor vehicle department together and the government does the paperwork so bills of sale aren't common and there is not on the value of the car.) Also I have stacks of old 911 944 and 928 parts that I collected over the years as cars were abandoned, sold cheaply as no one wanted an old car they couldn't get parts for or given to me as someone who would appreciate them. A lot of stuff I didn't need but someday might as I have a bunch of these cars and no budget to keep them going.

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