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Originally Posted by oilonly View Post
Any updates on this? I am thinking of tackling this project during the winter.
I've played with this all summer and at the current 70*, 80% humidity days in Iowa, it's feeling pretty good at 28* static, 18* on boost, 14* idle. In a WUR thread I started, Brian (RarlyL8) suggested more timing, but it just doesn't feel right over 28*. Perhaps it's the 964 cams, or I have more work to do on the CIS side. The weather in Iowa changes daily and it seems I'm constantly fiddling with fuel and timing. I'm still learning, which is a blast, but I'm sure someone like Brian could throw it on a dyno and wring plenty more power out.

My RPM retard curve starts at 1300 RPM and ends at 2300. Some have said to back all the retard out by 2000, but I seem to hover around 2000 a lot around town, and it felt like the MSD was bouncing the timing around (surging).

My boost retard curve starts pulling out advance at .1 bar and is -10* (net 18* advance) by .4 bar. That may be too much too fast, but we only have 91 octane where I live, so I'm afraid to push the limit on boost.

My goals in this project were better driveability around town and strong punch up top, but not absolute maximum power. I don't track this car and want it to last. It's 1000% better in daily driving and the butt dyno guesses about 20% better at WOT. I don't have a dyno anywhere nearby, but I think I'm back to the 350 RWHP that was recorded a few months before I bought it. It didn't seem to like the move from Florida once spring came. The gains (recovery?) have come from a lot of fuel tweaking too, not just timing.

My next project is to relocate my WUR so it's easier to tweak the fuel. Man I love this car
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