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Originally Posted by mark houghton View Post
Yes, simple adjustment on the mixture screw with an allen (6mm, or is it 4mm....whatever, you'll figure it out). Push down the adjustment plunger until you feel resistance while turning it. Clockwise to enrichen, but don't turn it more than a couple degrees at a time.

Your wide band sensor - mounted 18 degrees from the turbo - must be in the muffler tailpipe, correct? If it's too close to the end of the pipe, you will see an erroneous lean mixture 'cause it's seeing ambient air. If that's not your location, then a simple mixture adjustment will do you just fine.

This thing about your "hicckups" at idle, and hearing the fuel pump relays click. Damn, you can actually hear those things? They should not be clicking randomly. That's weird. More descriptions, please.
Turbo, then about 18" muffler, then AFR Bung, then 8" pipe with turn down.

It was way lean, as soon as I richened it up it idle smooth like butter! I heard the relays clicking while standing there when it hicckuped. Basically it was too lean, hicckuped, then catched it's self.

Got it too 14.3 then went for a ride and it settled in at about 13.8 at idle. I will lean it out a little tomorrow.

its 3mm, gotta press it down to engage the adjustment. remove air filter to have easier access, and you dont need much to get results

if the relay is clicking you have intermittent connection, should be no clicking. might be time for the fuel pump fuse rewire and fresh relays
Got'er little more tweaking tomorrow.


I'm actually having fun learning this thing. So many years with BMW's it's like starting over.
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