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Aerosol solvent based leather dyes are no good for the leather and wear off onto your clothes and turn to dust in about a month of driving.
They are only good for a quick cheap touch up to sell a car or other fly by night leather finish repair.

These are the 2 good companies and products for this.
Home Page | Leatherique Restoration Products
:: Color Plus ::

Leatherique is the origonal and colorplus is a direct copy. The guy that started color plus worked at leatherique and left and started colorplus using and selling the same exact process.
Then he died and his girlfriend took over the business and she's the one you talk to if you call.

I've done it and it's a ton of work. You remove all the leather interior and strip it with fast evaporationg wash laquer thinner (You will need several gallons to do the entire interior right and clean up) and lots of clean terrycloth rags.
It takes lots of elbow grease scrubbing to get almost all of the factory dye off the leather until it is natural light brown color again and the leather pores are unclogged of old solvent based leather dye.
Let the laquer thinner evaporate completely out of the leather seats overnight and then brush on the water based leather rejuvinator oil they sell in heavy coats and let it soak into the leather over night.

Next day take clean terrycloth rags soaked in water and squeezed out so they are not dripping wet and quickly wipe the surface of the leather to get the water based oil off the surface only and don't get the leather soaking wet below the surface. You want the oil to remain in the leather below the surface but you have to get it off the surface so the leather dye/paint will stick.

Let the leather completely dry again and then brush or spray on 2-3 coats of the water based color finish they have custom mixed up to the color you want.
Brushing is much more economical and comes out realy good using a quality 1" artist brush like they suggest.

The color dye they sell you is water based polymer paint that is very similar to latex paint.
They have inline instructions including post refinishing maintenance so you can read it all there.

It's very satisfying when all done.
I removed and cleaned all the carpeting and got rid of all the heavy sound absorbtion material and repainted the floor with enamel and paint brush while the interior was out of the car.
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