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Another interesting thing in Cole's picture of the inside of the scavenge pump is you can see the buildup of coked oil sludge next to the oil inlet and outlet in the pump where the gears don't touch it.

All these cars should have an oil filter in the pressure line from the scavenge pump going to the oil tank to filter out the coked oil particals, especially if using non synthetic motor oil because the cooked oil from the turbo goes back to the oil tank unfiltered and then goes from the bottom of the oil tank through the big S hose back into the case and gets pumped through the internal oil thermostat and then through the engine mounted oil cooler if hot enoiugh or bypassed around if cool and then into the oil galley by the main main oil pump.

At the other end of the oil galley after all the main bearings it branches off through external oil lines and goes to the two cam towers and oil pressure fed carrera timing chain tensioners if using those.

Any coked oil particals bigger than grains of ground pepper will collect and clog the small oil holes in the cam spray bars inside the cam towers and then the cam lobes, rocker arms, and valve stems and guides run with no oil and quickly self destruct... really sucks and that's very expensive to fix.

A good sized cleanable oil filter that flows well with pleated stainless steel element that filters down to 35 microns or somewhere around there eliminates that possibility.
I mounted a system one 35 micron cleanable oil filter in the factory bracket up in the right rear wheel well where the charcoal canister was.
I fit really well there and has been working great for the last 4 years.

Around 5 years ago I put a small cleanable system one 75 micron oil filter in the rubber oil line from the scavenge pump just befroe it empies in to oil tank. It filled up with coked oil particals quickly because of it's small size and the really small particals smaller than 75 microns went right through it. I could see them after the filtering screen when I took it apart to clean it.

The small inline system one 75 micron oil filter I installed first.

And the larger spin on type system one 35 micron oil filter with spin on adaptor I installed in the exsisting charcoal cannister bracket around a year later that has been there for around 4 years working perfectly now. I put a 6mm nut on the small clamping bolt to keep it from possibly coming loose.
As can be seen I used regular 7/16" ID fuel line to plumb it because it's alot cheaper than oil line, there's really no pressure there and it works fine. Took about 9 feet of line to do it.
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