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Spoke to Steve at Unwired today.
Using an Injector is more reliable than the stepper motor, and, if something does go wrong, has better fail safe characteristics.
Here's the scoop:
If an injector fails it will fail either fully open or fully closed. They don't get stuck in between (unlike a stepper motor which could get stuck anywhere in its range)
If the injector fails at fully open position, it will give you such low CP that the engine will run extremely rich. So rich that it may or may not actually continue running, but whether it runs or not you'll know something is up and need to fix it quick smart. Although you'll have to fix the WUR, at least the overly rich condition will only have been an annoyance and you won't have a molten engine as as result.
On the other hand, if it fails at fully closed the engine will have extremely high CP and therefore no fuel almost instantly and the engine will simply coast to a stop.
So in case of failure, the engine basically stops running and there's no lasting damage to it.
You curse away, just like you would if your factory WUR failed, then fix it and drive away smiling on an undamaged engine.
Steve also said they had made a change to the software and hardware to improve the quality of the RPM pickup, which makes it easier to tune.
Overall, I feel like the product has evolved pretty well. Before the research of the past couple of days, I was heading in a different direction for a WUR solution, but now and I'm at a point where I think I am going to give the DigiWUR a go.
Let you know how it turns out!,

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