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Confirmed with Jerry Woods Enterprise that you have a 930/63 dizzy which is California dizzy ,your timing should be set at 1000 rpm's 5 deg ATDC with BOTH hoses connected , and then to check if your dizzy is working correctly , check the timing again with both hoses disconnected at 4000 rpm's your timing should read 31 deg BTDC ,

It's not important right now that you don't have a time switch , once time timing is straight first,Then we can get back to that. with the car running, warm, pull vac hose off your throttle body ,that goes out side port on your dizzy and simply suck on it and the Idle should go up ,thats your vacuum advance, there should be no vacuum there at idle(on the T body) ,as the rpm's go up there will be vacuum, advancing the timing , under boost the timing goes away. Then hook the hose back up, nothing should happen,

Now pull the vacuum hose off the dizzy on the inside port , the rpm's should drop by 300 rpm, there should be vacuum on that line at Idle , on boost there will be pressure that will retard the timing, you should NEVER have any of these ports caped or open or you will have problems, It has nothing to do with emissions , If your dizzy does not react to any of these things then dizzy may stuck and should be cleaned,

your AFR's look great, I wouldn't worry about that,

Can you draw me a how you have your hoses hooked up right now? or pictures
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