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you need to look at what drives a turbo...
Basically you can go the easy and commersial route = single scroll + ballbearing
Or you can go the difficult build but effient and reliable way = twin scroll + 360 degree journal bearings

If you really want faster spoolup time then I wouldnt spent one secound on ballbearing as the argument.
True twin scroll setup will eat anything you can through at it in single scroll setup whatever ballbearings or money spent. And Twin scroll means divided inlet with divided wastegate pipe collector. WG do also needs to be 100% divided all the way - many are not. Use your time and money there. It is pure physics. Each puls has halve size A/R to enter with full energy rather than loosing energy across multible cylinders (single scroll). Plus your detonation risc is higly decreased with Twin Scroll (less backpressure from neighbor cylinders on cam overlab) and thus you can run much more aggressive cams. 3.0L engines normally gives between 1000-1500rpm earlier spoolup compaired TS vs. SS. Something singlescroll $$ ballbearing turbos never will be albe to compete on. Top effect is also different. Look at single turbo race or diesel industry applications which need earliest possible spoolup and highest possible reliable applications. They use TS setup.

Rather than compairing bearings you should IMO compare which turbo support TS applications and choose size from there. You can go much more bigger, safer and efficient with TwinScroll setup.
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