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Ok... back to the grindstone!! (AKA.. the sabatical ends)

Well, hello all you turbo junkies and boost pipe addicts!!!! It has been about 6 months or so since I last logged on here.... I have kinda put the car to the side for other reasons, but in August, a good friend of mine, who just happens to be one hell of a machinist, helped me in some fab work.

Since I bought my I/C from Bell, there were no mounts on it, hence, we had to make some. We had to locate the I/C with the engine in the car, and open and close the tail to make sure we fit the most we could into the air stream. Given where the turbo outlet is and the TB from the 3.2L intake, there was some movement, but not much. I also wanted to raise the I/C as high as I could into the tail for two reasons. One, so, I would only have to use a very thin gasket (foam) between the tail and the I/C, and second, to give me enough room to run an electric fan under the I/C if I chose to do so someday.

I wanted the I/C to be easily removed in case of tuning, maintainance, etc. I came up with the idea of the front two rods with Heim joints on each end. The rods are drilled on one side with right hand threads and the other with left hand threads, so all one has to do is loosen up the jam nuts, and turn the rod one way to lengthen and the other to shorten.

On the back side, my friend and I came up with a a mount that uses rubber grommets and a pin to secure the I/C. Once installed the I/C can be removed in a matter of minutes.... Kinda cool.

We then had to come up with a way to connect the I/C outlet and the TB. I just wanted to weld a 90 deg 3" elbow to the TB, and then connect the elbow to the I/C with a silicone hose.... Do you think that was good enough for a machinist???? Hell no!!!!!!

So, My friend machined an adapter from a billet block of 6065 T6. This gets bolted down to the TB then we welded the 90 Deg elbow to it. There is about a 3/4" gap between the outlet of the I/C and the elbow. This will be taken care of with a small silicone hose and two T-bolt clamps. We also made mounts for the Air Intake Temp Sensor and the W/G controller.

We ended up taking the engine out of the car again to weld up the I/C mounts. We didn't want the mounts to move at all during the welding process. Once done, it works wonderful and I think looks even better! One can have the I/C completely out of the car in less than 5 minutes.

Now, the ONLY thing I have left before the car is ready to run is the fuel system. I was going to use the factory 3.2L fuel rails and hardware, but I think that with the size injectors I have (100Lb to 150Lb, depending on fuel PSI), i wanted to run something bigger. So, we will go with all -8 braided lines and custom fuel rails. We will also be ditching the stock 930 front and rear pumps and going with something a little bit more....... That is for another post... ENJOY the pics!!!!!!!!!










Brad...930 gt-1 racecar, increased displacement to 3.6L, JB racing Cylinders, JE 8 to1 pistons, stroked crank, Carrillo rods, extrudehoned 3.2L intake, full bay Bell I/C, GT-2 EVO cams, Rarly8 headers, GTX-35RS turbo, twin plug, P&P heads, Link G4 EFi system, G-50/50 with LTD slip and oil squirters/oil cooler, zork tube, full race coilover system, with carbon fiber body, full cage, E-85 sippin drunk

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