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I've switched from 20w-50 non synthetic to full synthetic in a BMW motor I rebuilt in '96 and my 930. I never noticed an increase in oil leaks.
Alot of people claim they have and I'm not sure why that is.

Currently I'm using Valvoline VR1 20w-50 full synthetic. It's a saphire blue color for a change from Brad Penn green or Mobil 1 amber and being full synthetic it shouldn't coke in the turbo and it has a little more ZDDP in it than the non synthetic VR1 20w-50 from what I've read.

I bought 5 cases of it when it was on sale for half price = $4.50/quart a year and a half ago at autozone.
I filled the oil tank to the top of the safe range this time and it doesn't on start up and it seems like the oil level has been dropping slower on the dipstick than the Brad Penn 20w-50 I was using before. That may be my imagination though.

If you ever want to add break in oil additive to increase the ZDDP percentage, the Redline stuff has alot of ZDDP and it's the only oil additive I know of that is made from synthetic base stock.
Using it in the oil theoretically shouldn't increase the chances of oil cokeing in a red hot turbo and a full throttle run to 6500rpm in third gear makes my B&B headers where they join together below the turbo visably red hot at night according to people behind me. I've seen plenty of videos of turbo's glowing red hot during 3rd gear dyno pulls too.

FWIW, according to the chart below from Redline a half bottle added to 12 quarts of VR1 20w-50 non synthetic will bring the ZDDP levels up to around what Brad Penn racing 20w-50 already has in it.

Red Line Synthetic Oil - Motor Oil for Racing - Engine Oil Break-In Additive
Red Line Synthetic Oil 81403 - Red Line Engine Oil Break-In Additive - Overview -

Bottle (16oz) contains:
33.8 grams total ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate)
17,000 ppm, 7.8 grams Phosphorus (P)
20,500 ppm, 9.4 grams Zinc (Zn)
16.6 grams Sulphur (S)

Increases of antiwear per quart by using one bottle (16oz.): Oil capacity:
Phosphorus Zinc
15 quarts 610 ppm 736 ppm
12 quarts 763 ppm 920 ppm
10 quarts 915 ppm 1104 ppm
8 quarts 1145 ppm 1380 ppm
7 quarts 1307 ppm 1577 ppm
6 quarts 1525 ppm 1840 ppm
5 quarts 1830 ppm 2208 ppm
4 quarts 2288 ppm 2760 ppm
1 quart 9160 ppm 11040 ppm

Half Bottle (8oz.) When Treating:
12 quarts 382 ppm 460 ppm
10 quarts 458 ppm 552 ppm
8 quarts 572 ppm 690 ppm
6 quarts 763 ppm 920 ppm
5 quarts 915 ppm 1104 ppm
4 quarts 1145 ppm 1380 ppm
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