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Originally Posted by cole930 View Post
Well with brain-trusts like the Gimp and Jesper on board we should be
able to come up with some logical explanation ------- OR NOT

Everyone throw out your ideas on the question of the "Marvelous
Magic Mystery Cone"

Keep in mind that the metering plate it's self does nothing more
than allow air to flow into the intake based on the engine vacuum and
mechanically lifts the control plunger to allow fuel flow proportionately.
The quantity of fuel flow is a direct, one-to-one function of the travel
of the plate. It is a series of tapers inside the cone, that the air metering
plate moves through, that actually controls the amount of fuel
that reaches the injectors. As the metering plate moves past the tapers
in the cone the amount of air allowed to spill over the cones edge
changes and depending on the increase or decrease of the taper
controls the amount of fuel that actually reaches the injectors.

Now, knowing that the metering plate itself does not control the
exact amount of fuel that flows to the injectors. I am going to surmise
that the shape of the "Marvelous Magic Mystery Cone", in some way,
slows, speeds up or redirects the air flow. This either smooths out or
speeds up the reaction time of the metering plates movement. I think it
has to be some type of aerodynamic aid.

All ideas, scientific proof, or wild ass guesses are welcomed.Cole
Good explanation, Gramps.

I'm now leaning toward a simpler theory that it's all surface area related. By installing the MMMC on top of the metering plate, the available surface area is greatly increased, thus changing the air flow characteristics across it as it moves past the tapers. Instead of a flat plate you now have this domed-thing with all that surface area. Two things are going on: one is air flow being directed down on top of the plate, and the other is vacuum beneath the plate (call it vaccum, or a pressure differential between the top vs. bottom of the plate). My guess is that the MMMC increases that differential.

That's my wild ass guess. Does it work? Nobody seems to know. You, however, have the covetted thing installed and with the easy access of your relocated fuel head location, you will become the test subject.

And now an apology to Helio for hijacking the hell outa his thread.
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