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Re: Re: Broken Downlink Revisited

Originally posted by HarryD

I am confused (aren't I always anyway?)

I looked on the sheets that weltmeister sends with the bars and they state that moving the slider closer to the end induces more understeer and closer to the bar induces more oversteer. This seems to be opposite of what you are saying.

At the last AutoX, after 3 runs I moved the slide out a bit and noticed in the loop, my car did not turn as quickly as expected. I think I was seeing more understeer. Me thinks weltmeister may be right?

BTW, great party. It will be great to see Ulf in her shoes again tho'.

I lost my instruction book

Brad, Dave & I were discussing this after everyone left.
Moving the link closer to the bar increases the roll stiffness at the front (in this case). What that does for your car is only a WAG.

Brad has more experience with this than anyone I've ever had a chance to "really" talk with. How my car reacts may not be the same as yours, regardless of what the book says. If you ask me what to do, I can only give you my experience with my car. Less roll stiffness at the front makes mine trend towards oversteer, but my t-bars, springs (you ain't got any), weight distribution, tire sizes, etc are all different than yours.
The *only* way to find out, is to try it on your car and see what happens. If it don't work, go the other way.....whut could be simpler?

As Brad said, there are too many variables to get locked into any moves as a surefire cure to what ails ya. You may (and he does) go against "conventional wisdom"....specially if it makes you go fast.

BTW, that gizmo on the end of the drop link on the upper bar in Chris' pic is the bit I was talking about. My car ain't goin' back together without one ....well, 2 actually.
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